Our painting & Decorating Process

Explore below our complete process from the moment you get in touch with us to when we finish a project. All broken down for your peace of mind. Be it a residential or commercial project our attitude at Flexible Contractors towards quality and customer satisfaction does not change.

Consultation & Preliminaries

We always aim to begin our process by organising a time that suits you as to when we are able to view your project. This allows us to gain an understanding of your exact requirements. Here you’ll meet one of our experienced team members who will be there to discuss what work you would like us to carry out. They will advise on what materials are best suited to achieve your specification and understand any time or budget constraints you may have. From this we will conclude and provide:

-A detailed quote breaking down the associated costs for each activity.

-Establish a timeline on how long the works will take to complete and when we can begin.

-Advise on paint colours and which materials/ brands we recommend to provide the required specification.

-Clarify anything you’re may not be sure about and answer any further questions you may have.


Pre-work & Planning

Upon establishing your requirements and agreeing the work to be carried out, we begin the important stage of planning the works. Here we will work with you to establish any personal requirements regarding working hours, constraints, etc. This allows us to minimise disruptions and ensure your journey to professionally transforming your residential or commercial project is hassle free. We promise to:

-Plan and organise resources to work around your specified time schedule.

-Detail the sequence of works and keep you involved as it progresses.

-Specify the materials we will be using on your project and where they are being applied.

-Introduce you to the team working on your project with a brief description about their background/ experience.

Preparation & Pre-paint

Prior to beginning any surface preparation we will inspect the work area with you. We will agree which furniture/ items are clashing and may need to move as a result. Upon agreeing we will carefully move the items to the centre of the room/ other room if need be and cover them using a new plastic dust-sheet. All sensors and other items sensitive to dust will receive similar treatment.

Using the finest tools, we will begin to treat the surfaces as required to ensure the agreed specification is obtained. 

House Keeping

We all know before something gets better there tends to be a little bit of mess involved. We want our clients to come back to a clean space when they return in the evenings and to not feel that they are coming back to a work face. So we promise to clean up any mess we may have made and remove any unnecessary materials. Where we have to leave some materials we will always agree a storage location with you that is out of sight and covered up.

Completion & Handover

Prior to completing our work and handing over the area back to you as part of our process we will carry out an independent quality check. We will also give the work area a final clean. We will walk you through all the work we have carried out, discussing what has been done and what materials have been applied where. Only upon your complete satisfaction will our work be complete. A follow up with a how to guide will be sent across with tips to ensure our work continues to look as good as the day we carried them out.

Warranty & Peace of mind

No process is truly complete without a quality guarantee. So in the unlikely event of you experience any issues with our surface finish or any work we carry out, rest assured knowing all of our work comes with a 2 year warranty. 

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